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The Trustees of the Needham Research Institute Cambridge ("the
Trustees") invite applications from suitably qualified candidates for
a Studentship in the History of East Asian Science and Technology, to
be held in the University of Cambridge.

The purpose of the Studentship is to support students who have been
admitted to work for a PhD degree in the University of Cambridge in
the areas of study specified below. In the case of a student admitted
directly to work for the PhD degree, the award shall be for three
years at maximum. In appropriate cases, where the student is
initially admitted to work for an MPhil preparatory to beginning work
for a PhD, the Trustees may be prepared to consider making the award
for up to four years at maximum. In all cases the continuation of the
award from year to year will be conditional on the student making
satisfactory progress in the view of the Trustees. The successful
candidate will be given working space in the Needham Research
Institute (, which has unparalleled research
facilities in the fields of the history of science, technology and
medicine in East Asia. The Studentship is associated with Darwin
College, and the successful award holder will normally be admitted to
full membership of the College for the tenure of the Studentship.

The amount of the Studentship will consist of payment of university
fees and college dues for the candidate, plus an amount for
maintenance. Where appropriate, fees will be paid at the rate for
non-EU students.

Priority in making awards of Studentships will be given to to
applicants who propose to carry out research in the following areas,
which are given in order of priority:
(1) The history of science and technology in modern Korea

(2) The history of science and technology in modern Japan

(3) The history of science and technology in modern China, or the
history of modern medicine in any of the above three countries

The word ‘modern’ here designates the period after 1850, and
‘science’ is taken to include mathematics, whether pure or applied.
Strong preference will be given to projects centring on the 20th
century or later. Any holder of a Studentship who wishes to make a
substantive change in the topic of his or her research after taking
up the Studentship must first obtain the agreement of the Trustees,
failing which the Studentship may be withdrawn.

Given the subjects covered by the award, the normal expectation will
be that applicants will seek admission to the Department of History
and Philosophy of Science of the University of Cambridge (http://

Applications for this award will be treated separately from
applications for admission to the University of Cambridge.
Candidates should therefore;

(a) Apply as soon as possible for admission to the University of
Cambridge in the normal way. For guidance, see the University website
at; please
address all queries about the University admission process to the
appropriate part of the University, not to the Needham Research
Institute. Candidates may however mention in their application that
they are applying for this Studentship. Candidates should normally
give Darwin College as their first choice of college. Candidates
should note carefully the University's requirements in regard to
English language ability: see

(b) Apply simultaneously to the Needham Research Institute for the
Studentship. Candidates should send a full curriculum vitae, a
detailed research proposal, and the name of two academic referees who
are prepared to report in confidence on the candidate's work. In
most cases the best thing will be for the candidate to send the
Needham Research Institute a hard printed copy of their University
application, together with any further material necessary to give a
clear impression of the research they intend to carry out.
Candidates should ensure that they produce evidence that they possess
the language skills required for the purpose of their research.

All applications will be carefully considered. No announcement or
notification of award of the Studentship will be made before
University admission procedures have been completed and candidates
have been told whether they have been given a place at Cambridge.
The Trustees reserve the right to make no award if in their opinion
no suitable candidate of sufficient merit applies.

All enquiries and applications should be addressed to:

The Institute Administrator
The Needham Research Institute
8 Sylvester Road
Cambridge CB3 9AF


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